Reverse Osmosis RO Water Flow Restrictor 300CC

Rs 499
  • RO Flow Restrictor 300CC
  • Compatible with 50GPD and 75GPD RO systems
  • Household Small Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Equipment
  • Outer Diamter=6.35mm
  • White

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This best quality RO water restrictor is used to control the flow of water in household small size reverse osmosis water purifier. This RO water filter part is compatible with 50GPD and 75 GPD membrane water purifier. After some months of RO filter usage, You have to change this part with a new membrane.

This restictor is fit for hose's outer diameter 1/4".

Reverse Osmosis RO Flow Restrictor 300CC Price in Pakistan & detailed info.

Type 300CC water flow restrictor
Material ABS
Compatible with
Small Household RO system 50GPD and 75GPD Membrane. (Multiply, CCK, Fluxtek, Penta Pure, Etc)
Fit for
House outer diamter 1/4"
Length 3.14 inches
Weight 18 grams (Approx.)
Package included 1 x 300CC RO Water Restrictor (PP Bag)
To Order: Website Cart/WhatsApp/SMS/Call at 0333-3888360

Pictures: RO Water Filter Restrictor


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